I learn from a news report, Times of India, Chennai Edition dated January  25th 2010 of a strange case involving an American Couple where the American Consulate had denied citizenship to a child which was not genetically related to the Intended Mother. The intended mother reportedly had taken recourse to adoption for taking her child to the US. I am not completely aware of the facts of the case and the article also does not disclose the fine facts of the issue. However, I have mailed the author of the article, Ms./Mrs. Jaya Menon asking for more information on her article. I await the reply for the same.

The article brings me quite an amount of curiosity as to what difference this case had made as I am through informed sources that the processing of the Passport applications of Children born through surrogacy is a regular affair at Bombay and the Hyderabad Consulate. This case to be singled out certainly is very curious.

The link to the article is found here.

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