I am coming across new reports silicon industry majors Apple and Facebook are paying their female employees to cryo-preserve their eggs. Cryo-preservation is a process whereby bio-material can be frozen and can be used at a later point of time. Apple and Facebook are indirectly encouraging their female employees to postpone their family plans, so that they would able to better concentrate on their work. Also it saves the companies of all the maternity benefits immediately.

Global studies show that the quality of the eggs goes down with advancing age. Several females have to turn to use an egg donor or a surrogate mother for enhancing the possibility of having a child. Most women who try to have family after the age of 35 experience problems to do so in the natural way.

I am learning that the Apple and Facebook are willing to afford USD $ 20,000 for their female employees to freeze their eggs for future use. I do not support this view of several reasons. Clearly, the companies are more interested in having their employees stay with them during their 20s and 30s, not deviating to family life. They are happy to provide the incentives to ensure that the employees do not take their maternity leave, or be a financial commitment in the rolls during that period.

The companies are actually encouraging their women employees to postpone having their family. Professionally successful women find themselves in a difficult position to have a family. Most would be required to postpone expanding their family, fearing less importance at the work-place or having to lose out on the professional growth. Now with this kind of an encouragement in place, most women would prefer to carry on with their well rewarding work.

The companies do not take into account the possible mental trauma that the female employees may go through if they are not able to achieve pregnancy in natural way. They would be required to resort to IVF treatments to help them have a child. The success rates in IVF, though has improved dramatically in the recent years is not 100%. That would mean that there is no 100% guarantee that the eggs that are cryo-preserved would actually result in having family. There is a huge risk of the eggs not resulting in a safe child and they might be required to use an egg donor.

Another issue is that the age gap between the child and the parents would be abnormal increase. That is another very worrying part of acting against the rule of nature. 

I sincerely hope other companies do nor follow this tradition. And I also sincerely hope that the employees are only take it something like an insurance and not an actual option to postpone their family.