As an encouraging move, the Government of Kerala has allowed maternity leave for 6 months and other benefits to intended mothers of children born through surrogacy. The following is the  copy of the governmental order passed in this regard:


2 Thoughts on “Kerala State allows maternity leave for parents though surrogacy

  1. Personally I can`t understand why many clinics refuse to impregnate women who are over 50 years old. It is so wonderful that modern technologies allow them to become happy. I read tons information in internet on this issue. Due to IVF I gave birth to my child when I was 52. We use service of Ukrainian medical center. There`s a nice building, experienced doctors. We visited this clinic in order to use their IVF service. Well, there were some disadvantages. First of all I can`t forget the crowd in the corridor. Although it was the indicator for us that it`s a good clinic, if so many foreigners wanted to take advantage of their services. Also I may say that the chambers are not the best, but they are quite comfortable and there`re everything mothers need. They met us at the airport and helped to find a temporary accommodation. Well I want to say that it`s no so luxurious as some may want. But they do part responsibly and efficiently. My son is 6 years now. I devote all my free time to him. After his birth I feel myself younger and strong enough. Of course, everything is individually. But to my opinion, if woman feels strong and 1confident she can do everything she want or need.

  2. Nice blog related to maternity leave during surrogacy program.

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