An individual Member of Parliament has taken initiative to introduce a bill for regulating surrogacy in the Lok Sabha, known as the house of commons or the lower house of the parliament. The Bill No. 61 of 2014 named THE SURROGACY (REGULATION) BILL, 2014 had been introduced in the Lok Sabha on 08/08/2014 as gathered from the Lok Sabha website. This Bill was introduced by Dr. Kirit Premjibhai Solanki, MP from Gujarat.

Pointers on The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2014:

  • Bill introduced by an individual member of parliament and is not government sponsored bill.
  • This Bill deals on with surrogacy arrangements alone and not with Assisted Reproductive Technology as such.
  • The Bill provides to allow commercial surrogacy arrangements for couples from abroad if they have an appointed guardian in India.
  • Bill does not discuss ART Banks, whereby surrogate mother and egg donors can be identified.
  • Bill provides for insurace for surrogate mother must be sponsored by the commissioning couple
  • Bill provides for surrogacy for gay couples, after same sex relations are allowed in India

Copy of the Bill is found here.

While the Government sponsored Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill is still with the legislative department, there is no actual date on when the Bill would be introduced by the Parliament. There is a strong message from various departments that the bill may actually be introduced in the winter session of the Parliament in 2014.