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A case of Norwegian Royal Intervention

Norway princess surrogacy india

Norway has always maintained a conservative approach to surrogacy arrangements and surrogacy has always been a subject of national debate. The Norway government always discouraged their nationals for taking up commercial surrogacy arrangements. An unconventional development has taken place with these backgrounds with a royal intervention. Norway’s Crown Princess Mette-Marit had come down to India secretly… Read More

Pakistan requires legislation on Surrogacy

Pakistan surrogacy india

Pakistan found itself in the unlikely company of India in the group of nations that require a special legislation on surrogacy to deal with complex issues of domestic and international surrogacy. There is no special legislation on surrogacy in Pakistan, and the Lahore High Court decided that surrogacy is neither allowed nor permitted. Pakistan’s Rawalpindi… Read More

A Case of Lesbian Parenting Conflict in Nevada

Lesbian parenting

The mother of a four-year old girl is yet to be decided in Las Vegas, U.S. for want of Domestic Partnership arrangements and Parental contract as her parents are Gay Partners. In the Nevada Law itself there is no provision for same sex co-parenting agreements, especially for unmarried person or persons or persons who have… Read More

India clarifies stand on Surrogacy VISA Regulation

Ministry of Home Affairs declares that appropriate visa category for Intended Parents for traveling to India for surrogacy is medical surrogacy visa. I have finally heard from the Ministry of Home Affairs (Foreigners Division) pertaining to RTI Application filed by me dated 10.07.2012 on the surrogacy VISA category. From the reply, I see that the Ministry of Home Affairs had addressed a… Read More

Indian Embassy in Beijing replies to RTI on Surrogacy Visa

I had written to the Indian Embassy in Beijing, China seeking information under the Right to Information Act, 2005 over the notification published by the Indian Embassy in their website ( The material published in the website is with regard to the new Surrogacy Visa introduced by the Ministry of Home Affairs. The following are… Read More