Times of India writes on Surrogacy in India and also discusses the work handled by Indian Surrogacy Law Centre. The need for risk assessment for international intended parents who come down to India has been the focus. The link to the article is http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/India/Surrogacy-goes-into-labour-/articleshow/5934825.cms.

One Thought on “Times of India writes on Surrogacy

  1. kumar on July 23, 2010 at 6:52 pm said:

    Giving rights for the gays lesbains and single persons to have TTB is infringing the rights of the child to have a male and female parents.so it should not be done.
    In India ART clinics are just corrupt to say in simple words. Contrary to the belief crating a TTB is simple as the protocol has been established even a general practitioner can do it in his clinic.For the sake of moral and emotional implications they are not doing it.The doctors who don’t have moral problems do it.
    In Indian context banning surrogacy/commercial surrogacy is not practicable .If it is done the entire process just goes underground .Then the process becomes much exploitative.
    So it is important to distance the surrogates from ART centers.For this floating a womb bank is impracticable. Even if it is done under private partisanship it will give raise to corruption and lisecnce raj.
    To make the thing simple for IP s and surrogates to contact it is preferable if the govt. launches a web site under health ministry. Where the IP s and surrogates should register giving their address proof and other details once the registration is completed they can be given an identification number.This identification number can be used for further correspondence.In the same web site list of ART centers can be given. Once the IP s contact Surrogates they can they can fill in a form in form charting out the details of the contract like the terms of handing over the child monitory benefits etc just like a bank loan form.This form should be converted into PDF format and given a third number ( Form Number) Three copies of the form should be made and signed in front of a notary by both the parties.And should be attested by the notary.The parties concerned should take this form to the ART centers preferred by them.There the officials will be registering it along with the center code.Then a forth number is generated and the details of the surrogate and IP s will be checked against the details given earlier.If found correct the center should fill in the form specifying the treatment that will be given at the end center should fill in the results.
    The advantages are Parties can choose to remain anonymous or Known parties.
    Middle men are eliminated.
    All the details directly go to a central data bank.
    Monetary negotiations can be done at the click of a mouse.
    Both parties get pre structured and filled contract form thus eliminating the chance of fudging documents.

    IP s can state their preferences and monetary benefits they are willing to give and surrogates can state the terms on which they are willing to work and the monetary benefits they they aspire to get.
    From the site itself they can collect the data about the terms /monetary benefits the surrogates get and the IP s are willing to give along with cost of various ART treatments in various ART centers the statistics of Live ART births etc.
    As it it is web site everything can be done from the privacy of home or a web center.
    Various laws procedures risks involved etc can be given in the site most of the IP s defiantly read it thus eliminating the lack of knowledge before entering int to the procedure.

    So it is very much essential for the Govt. Launch A web site to pair Surrogates and IP s.The same site can have the list of egg and sperm doners. They too can be contacted anonymously.If registering and getting the computer generated Number compulsory for donations Even the Known doner donations can be allowed without any legal complications.

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