China_surrogacyXinhua News Agency, the official press agency of the People’s Republic of China has come out with a press release stating that the surrogacy industry in China will be acted upon. It is claimed to be a nine-month inter-departmental action on identifying, prosecuting and punishing medical professionals and intermediary agencies that are involved in surrogacy arrangements. It is also claimed that advertisements over the media, including the internet, would also be removed and acted upon.

Chinese Government had always claimed that surrogacy was illegal in Mainland China. It has been reported in the International news media that several Chinese couples had taken up surrogacy arrangements within China. This was considered that underground operations, which were clearly illegal but the presence of which was very obvious.

I had interacted with a former client of mine few months back who had taken up a surrogacy arrangement in China. He said that surrogacy arrangements were fairly open although illegal.

I had earlier reported about Peter Lee Ka-kit being investigated by the Police for taking up surrogacy arrangement in US in 2010. He had Triplets out of the said surrogacy arrangement was reported probed by the Chinese Police for taking up of surrogacy arrangement, even though outside the country.

Chinese Couple taking up international surrogacy arrangements

It is unclear whether Chinese couple can continue taking up of surrogacy arrangement outside China. Several wealthy Chinese couple had reported taken surrogacy arrangements in the US, thereby enabling the children born through arrangement to take up Citizenship. Several Chinese couples had also taken up surrogacy arrangement in Thailand, when it was permitted. It is now unclear if the Chinese couples would be allowed to take up surrogacy arrangement out China.

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