Israel High Court of Justice decided on an application filed by a gay married couple for taking up third party reproduction and raise a child. The High Court after deep thought elaborately decided that the matter was one to be decided by the Congress (Knesset) and not by the court as the matter involves policy of the state.

The frame of the argument was in short that the availability of the surrogacy arrangement only to heterosexual couples was arbitrary and violates the constitution, which guarantees equality. The state vehemently opposed this argument stating that the matter had far reach implications. The State of Israel decided to establish a committee to study the issue of third party reproduction.

Another interesting question that was considered was the extent of using scientific improvements such as surrogacy. It was pleaded by the State that surrogacy was allowed in Israel only for the intended parents who could not otherwise reach parenthood for medical reasons. It was argued that this couldn’t be stretched for homosexual couples.

The Supreme Court of Israel also sits as the High Court of Justice. This function is unique to the Israeli system because as the High Court of Justice, the Supreme Court acts as a court of first and last instance. The High Court of Justice exercises judicial review over the other branches of government, and has powers “in matters in which it considers it necessary to grant relief in the interests of justice and which are not within the jurisdiction of any other court or tribunal.”