SO much has happened in Surrogacy in India in the last one month. With these turn of events in such quick pace, we feel Indian Surrogacy Law is now getting a better shape. The following are the list of events which cover the quick change in the Indian Scenario of Surrogacy Laws:

  1. Guajrat High Court decides that Indian Surrogate Mother is the Legal mother of the child
  2. India’s First Suit for parental order was dismissed by the Civil Court at Anand
  3. The decision of the Gujrat High Court is challenged by Union of India at the Supeme Court of India.

The events listed above shall have a deep impact on the show nourishing Indian Surrogacy Law. It can be seen that the Surrogacy Law in India is now growing into areas which was never thought before, with issues arising much more mature and complicated. I shall be taking our reader through each of these issues in a phased manner, discussing the impact caused by them. The delay in writing about these was caused due to involvement of Indian Surrogacy Law Centre in these matters.