An unnamed Canadian couple who had taken up surrogacy created a new row of ethical  moral debates over their surrogacy arrangement. The surrogate mother was pregnant with their child using embryos created out of their own gametes. When in the womb of the surrogate mother, the child was found to have medical risks to be born with Down’s Syndrome. The Intended Parents who had come to know of this wanted the surrogate mother to abort the child. The surrogate mother refused for the same. However, when the intended parents threatened to withdraw their support for the surrogacy arrangement, the surrogate mother decided to abort as she had two kids of her own. Neither the intended parents nor the surrogate mother approached the court of law. The above case was reportedly enumerated by Dr. Seethram at the Canadian Society of Fertility and Andrology conference during his presentation. These facts had brought to the world a new set of issues where the surrogate mother would be required to decide freely without any coercive environment. The intervention of governmental agencies occupied a prominent scope in the debates.