The New South Wales in  Australia passes  the Surrogacy Bill 2010 which was much debated by the citizens prior to its introduction. The highlights of the Bill is that Altruistic Surrogacy in now allowed and commercial surrogacy remains to be banned. The legislation also provides for entering into commercial surrogacy an offence –

Clause 8 ) Commercial surrogacy arrangements prohibited – A person must not enter into, or offer to enter into, a commercial surrogacy arrangement. Maximum penalty: 2,500 penalty units, in the case of a corporation, or 1,000 penalty units or imprisonment for 2 years (or both), in any other case.

Bill is a 48 page document which I am yet to go through. I am yet to consider the impact of this bill on international surrogacy arrangements. I would soon be writing on that when time permits.

Copy of the bill is available here – The Surrogacy Bill 2010 of the New South Wales and the copy of the Legislation is found here.

Earlier this year, I wrote on the Queensland state in Australia passing the law on Surrogacy. The post is available here for reference –