There are always new ways to do things. And, this is exactly one of those.


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A Couple from United Kingdom have inspired the spirit of many childless couples wishing to take up a surrogacy arrangement with their idea to crowdsourcing a surrogacy arrangement for having their second child. Their fundraising page at puts their story as below:

After a life saving hysterectomy for Lauren, Lauren & Ben (childhood sweethearts & newlyweds) cannot get pregnant the conventional way.
Lauren is mum and Ben step daddy to Logan (3) but are desperate to have a child together so are hoping to raise enough money to be able to go through surrogacy. At a massive £20,000 they are struggling with the last hurdle
With savings already and Ben volunteering to go away with work (british army), they are hoping to raise the extra money to fulfill their dreams as a couple, to have Bens first biological child.
The NHS are non receptive, as Lauren has logan, but for Ben they wish there was more that could be done to help.
Thank You for your time,and any donations possible.

Lauren & Ben

A child is a basic need of any family and many people are unable to have a child due to their reproductive disability. The advancement of science has made this a possibility, but what stands in the way is the money. Crowdsourcing has changed the lives of many, in many different ways. I sincerely hope crowdsourcing could this family too.

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