There is a news update from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation with regard to the abandonment of the one of the twins born through surrogacy. The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) has access to documents from the Australian High Commission in New Delhi pertaining to the one of the twins which was disowned by an Australian Couple. To know about the full facts read here.

The documents show that the Australian Consular officials had full knowledge of the case, and chose not to act against the couple. The couple had approached the Australian High Commission In New Delhi applying for citizenship for one of the children born through surrogacy. The couple have reportedly told the embassy staff that they are going to leave the boy twin in India as they wanted only the sister to complete their family and that they could not afford raising another kid. The Couple already had a boy and wanted a girl child to complete their family.

The documents show that the Australian couple misled by telling the Consular Officials that they were looking to give the boy child in adoption to a Childless couple, who are close family friends of the Australian Parent. The Consular officials later came to know that the adopting parents were actually not close family friends as claimed by the Australian Couple.

The couple had been repeatedly informed by the Australian Consular Officials in New Delhi that the boy may become stateless if the parents do not apply for Australian Citizenship for the boy by the parents. The boy was fully qualified for an Australian Citizenship, but was not granted one, as the parents chose not to apply for the same. The Australian Consulate chose not to act on the case as the boy was not an Australian Citizen.

The following are not clear:

  • The citizenship of the person who took the custody of the child
  • How can private adoption take place in India when the child does not have an Indian Citizenship?
  • Whether any monies exchanged hands as part of this “adoption”?
  • Who are these “couple” and why is the identity of the couple being kept a secret?
  • When abandonment of a child is an offence in India under Section 317 of the Penal Code, why has not filed a case against the couple yet?

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